Plastic (PVC) Gift Card with Foil

Just Designed and Printed

These beautiful gift cards are for The Design Haus, a local interior designer, and store.  These are full-color high-quality plastic (PVC) cards with gold foil. They go perfectly with the look and style of this interior design business.

plastic pvc with gold foil gift card printing

Stationery Update for Energy Company

Full Color Envelope and Letterhead Design

The Vast team loves to work on updating brand designs. Eventually, every brand can use a little freshening up. Here’s a little look at Sunwave Gas & Power’s stationery update through its design phases.

What Our Client Communicated and The Teams Direction

A long-standing client recently obtained an energy company in the New England area. They felt it needed a more corporate feel. Currently, the brand has a more playful look through the use of bright colors and illustrations.

Our team agreed with the clients’ assessment.

Stationary Update – Version 1

Here’s the first business card version presented using the medium orange color in the sun logo mark. The deep blue and orange complement each other. Then bringing in a soft blue-gray will be our third color. An outline of the logo mark was placed on the back to be printed in spot UV over the company tagline. We suggested rounded corners to complement the logo, but as you will see later, the client wanted square corners.


Energy company marketing stationary design

Stationary Update – Version 2

The client loved the overall design but had a couple of minor changes they wanted to see. We simplified the contact information on the front of the business card and relocated the address. On the back kept the information to the bottom and made the tag line slightly smaller giving room for the website. Instead of rounded corners, the client opted for square.

Energy company brand design refresh stationary

Letterhead Design

Now that the client signed off on version 2, letterhead was designed. A brand design must be consistent through all forms of printing, signage, ads, and the website.


Energy Company brand update stationary design

Branding Guidelines

A logo should never be distorted or changed in any way. The same is true of logo colors. Those are basic design rules we sadly see broken quite often. Your designer should supply you with files that can be used in ads, social media, printing, and web. Included you should receive the CMYK & RGB logo colors so that again your brand will stay consistent and recognizable.

We can’t wait for the next phase of this project. Stayed tuned for further design developments.

Updated Envelope and Letterhead Design

Full Color Envelope and Letterhead Design

These are the new stationery design proofs that are being created for the new updated branding for Sunwave.

Raleigh Painting Company

Painting living room interior in Raleigh NC

Marketing for a Paint Contractor serving the Raleigh area

We are now working with Benchmark Painting & Carpentry on their marketing. What I enjoy most about this type of project is that the customer does excellent work. When you do great work, it makes our job so much easier. You will have great reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. This will help you convert that new customer that is on the fence. One strategy I like is to give the potential customer pro tips. Not only do people like getting new ideas, but it will show that you know what you’re doing, that you think outside the box, that you are the “go-to-person” in your industry. An example of a social media post below:

Painting Tips

Even a lighter color paint can really make your molding and features in your home pop. The room is full of light due to windows and wall color. Using a neutral color like this one allows you to use a wide range of accent colors throughout the room and its perfect for resale. The color is classic, meaning will not be stuck in a trend that will change from year to year. Instead, you can enjoy the color for many years, in turn, saving you money.

Call Benchmark Painting & Carpentry today to find out what we can do for you as your premier choice for the greater Raleigh, Cary and Apex interior painting. Book a free, no obligation estimate for your interior painting job today at 919-205-9550.



Formula 1 Reveals New Logo for 2018

F1 logo design

Formula 1 has revealed a new logo for 2018. This is a big change since the iconic F1 logo has been used since 1987. Liberty Media wants to make big changes to F1, trying to retain their fans while attracting new ones.

F1 chairman Chase Carey explained the decision to change the logo was to “emphasize the excitement and fresh energy” Liberty want to bring to the sport.

“What we wanted to do was provide a fresh energy to the sport and I think we have a lot of plans for the future, a lot of things we want to do and we thought the logo was a good way to emphasise the excitement, fresh energy and a new day to take the sport to a new place,” he said.

“That’s respecting what the sport has been. We’re not looking to change the sport, we’re looking to provide a fresh innovation and energy to a great sport that we can enhance in a number of ways.”

Because most people don’t like change and are sentimental, the new logo has received a lot of hate. For me, I love the old logo, but this new one has something special. I know it has some big shoes to fill, but there is something really nice about that F. It is clearly a turn on a race track. It has an extremely modern and high-tech feel to it which is exactly what Formula 1 is! Cutting-edge technology that makes a car go as fast as possible around a corner. For me, this just feels right. And to be honest, if you told me that F1 was redesigning their logo I would have said “WHY?!  The current logo is great and doesn’t need an update.” But after seeing this new logo and understanding Liberty Media’s vision to make F1 more exciting for their fans, I say bravo. Bring on the 2018 season!

Here is the reveal video

Branding for a Raleigh Electrician

Raleigh Electrician Logo Sketch

Right Electrical Services, an electrician in Raleigh NC has recently contracted Vast to handle their marketing, online and print. We started with some website modifications and optimization along with their AdWords campaigns. The goal goes without saying, rank higher for relevant searches in and around Raleigh.

Next, we took a look at their current branding. We feel there is a great opportunity to position Right Electrical as the premier Electrician Service Company in Raleigh, NC. But the logo and marketing materials must be updated. So here we go, the logo sketching begins.

Logo ideas:

The design direction here is to position Right Electrical as the electrician “hero”, here to save the day when your home has an electrical problem or needs an electrical repair. Our aim is to design a strong but friendly logo design that will appeal to every homeowner. Clearly, this is just the start of the branding process, so we will be updating this soon.

Stay tuned. : )

Foil Business Cards

These foil cards for Kim Shaftner turned out awesome.  Something about a minimal card and foil stamping that makes us smile ; )  Letterhead and envelopes are still in production. As soon as they are finished we will post pictures of the full stationery package.

Foil business card design Foil cards are amazing

Package design mockups are fun

Just some pics of a new project we are working on for Go Deep Ammo.  It’s always beneficial to create an actual mockup of your design before going to press.  This will help you see any problems or areas that you can improve.

Go Deep Package Design Ammo Box Design Package Design Mockup Package design raleigh nc

Preparing for Your Upcoming Trade Show

Tradeshow Marketing

Whether it is your first tradeshow or your 20th, make sure to have your marketing & printed materials executed well in advance. This will cut down on the stress of making deadlines on printed or promotional items and booth displays.

A good senseable timeline is needed. Keep this timeline updated every year. You may only need to tweek things a little each time depending on your need to refresh things. So what things should be on your time line?

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