Branding for a Raleigh Electrician

Raleigh Electrician Logo Sketch

Right Electrical Services, an electrician in Raleigh NC has recently contracted Vast to handle their marketing, online and print. We started with some website modifications and optimization along with their AdWords campaigns. The goal goes without saying, rank higher for relevant searches in and around Raleigh.

Next, we took a look at their current branding. We feel there is a great opportunity to position Right Electrical as the premier Electrician Service Company in Raleigh, NC. But the logo and marketing materials must be updated. So here we go, the logo sketching begins.

Logo ideas:

The design direction here is to position Right Electrical as the electrician “hero”, here to save the day when your home has an electrical problem or needs an electrical repair. Our aim is to design a strong but friendly logo design that will appeal to every homeowner. Clearly, this is just the start of the branding process, so we will be updating this soon.

Stay tuned. : )