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One aspect of the restaurant business that is often overlooked is the marketing. So much time and energy goes into planning the food, the taste, the layout and the decor when opening a restaurant that a key piece of the puzzle is missing. Sometimes it’s a tight budget that limits this area of the business and the outcome is very poor.

Well, there is no reason to worry. We have some tips for you that are simple and easy to implement.

Keep it Simple

Your finally pulling the trigger on that print ad. It’s a bit expensive, so your instinct is to fill the ad with every possible menu item and offer from your restaurant. Don’t do this. You have an opportunity to tell people what you do great, what is special about your restaurant, what the regulars keep coming back for. By creating a simple ad that is more focused, you can make more of an impact. What this tells potential customers is that your confident, focused and you know your customers.

Menu Design

This is an area that is often overlooked. The menu gives you an opportunity to build your brand. Tell customers what’s great, highlight favorites, and set the tone for the other areas of your marketing.

The Social Game

What better way to let all know of your upcoming restaurant, the grand opening, specials and events than through social media. These days it’s a must and best of all it’s FREE. Display mouth watering shots of menu items and preview shots of the outside and inside of location(s). Your friends are sure to spread the word about this exciting news.

When signing up for Facebook, you will need a personal account. This account will be your name, your personal info. Then you can create a business page for the restaurant. We advise you to keep these accounts separate, not only in the “About” information but also the posts you create. Facebook is a powerful tool you can’t afford not to use.

Hit the Streets

Before the rush of lunch, have some employees go out and hand out flyers. This can be very cost-effective compared to traditional print advertising. For under one hundred bucks, you can get a box of flyers that can go a long way in getting exposure for your restaurant. Create some coupons that are hard to turn down.

Cheap marketing strategies ultimately depend on the quality of the product. Poor service or mediocre food can drive even the best-marketed property into the ground.

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